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A confederation of Luftwaffe-related web sites, providing reference-grade coverage of the Messerschmitt 262 and other advanced combat aircraft of the Third Reich.

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Me 262 Project Bf 109 Project White 1 Foundation
The official web site of the Legend Flyers - Me 262 Project in Everett, WA where five airworthy, new production Me 262s are currently taking shape. Two Bf 109 F-4s recovered from Russia will again take to the air. Watch as these ultra-rare warbirds owned by Warbird Recovery are brought back to life at the Legend Flyers facilities. The official web site of the White 1 restoration project in the United States. Follow this Florida-based team's progress as they work to return a rare, original Focke Wulf 190 F-8 to the skies!

Click to enter Watson's Whizzers. Watson's Whizzers
Remembering Fred Hillis Remembering Fred Hillis
A tribute to the U.S. Army Air Forces Me 262 recovery team known as Watson's Whizzers. Their 1945 mission to "liberate" advanced aircraft helped to bring America into the Jet Age. A special tribute to Watson's Whizzers pilot and operations officer Captain Fred L. Hillis.  A fighter ace drawn from the best pilots in the Ninth Air Force, Hillis played a key role in Operation LUSTY.

Click to enter the Photo Recon Center. Photo Recon Center
Click to enter Experten Decals. Experten Decals
An open-source repository of images for the presentation and analysis of rare, unusual or unpublished photographs pertaining to late-war Luftwaffe aircraft and equipment. The official web site of Experten Decals.  Since 1991, Experten has earned a global reputation for outstanding scholarship, exceptional accuracy and the finest in scale graphics.

Click to enter the WNr Resource Center. WNr Resource Center
U.S. Armed Forces translations of captured German air-technical documents. This new Stormbirds section will continue to grow and expand with new material painstakingly recovered from archives around the world. CURRENTLY OFF-LINE
This interactive research tool offers the world's most extensive searchable werknummer and losses database for the Me 262 series aircraft. Over 1,600 entries and counting!

Research Intensive Resources
Click to enter the LWAG site. Luftwaffe Archive Group
Click to enter Eagles Over Norway. Eagles Over Norway
The World Wide Web's most comprehensive archival research resource dedicated to the study of Luftwaffe documents and records around the world. A highly-specialized site specializing in Luftwaffe fighter operations in Scandinavia, Jagdgeschwader unit histories, aircraft loss records and personnel data.

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