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In conjunction with our corporate partner, the Me 262 Project, Stormbirds is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a limited number of airworthy Messerschmitt 262A-1c and B-1c aircraft at our Everett, Washington USA production facility.  This is an unprecedented opportunity to own a flying reproduction of the most legendary fighting aircraft of the Second World War!

These aircraft are in an advanced state of construction, and ready to enter the completion phase of our project pending issuance of active contracts against them.  This is the result of an eight year corporate program to reproduce highly accurate examples of the world's first operational jet fighter.  We are nearing the final validation of the entire effort, as we gear up for the long-awaited test flight program later this year. 

Pictured at right is a standard Me 262A-1a fighter assigned to JG 7; the Luftwaffe's most successful jet unit.

Me 262A-1a  Credit: Sundin

These are NOT static display pieces, reduced-scale look-alikes or fiberglass mockups!  These are faithfully recreated and fully airworthy examples of a serial production warplane.  The jets are being produced with performance, operator safety and reliability in mind, and will operate under FAA Experimental certification.  The new Me 262 is extremely well-suited for flight applications such as aerial demonstrations, special appearances and film work.  It is certain to be in demand at air shows worldwide, as the type has not appeared in it's natural element in well over 50 years.
Production of these aircraft has been strictly limited to five (5) examples.  Three (3) remain available for sale; however, we urge interested parties to contact us promptly.  Once active contracts are issued against the remaining three airplanes, the program will be formally closed to new buyers.  No more will be produced at any price -- now, or in the future.

This entire project was made possible by the availability of the world's only surviving Me 262B-1a trainer jet.  This aircraft was captured intact by US forces in May, 1945, and was on loan to WTMF's predecessor, Classic Fighter Industries, from 1993 until early 2001, according to the terms of an agreement with the US Navy.

Over the span of some seven years, this original jet (werknummer 110639) has been completely disassembled for restoration and simultaneous duplication.  This ability to reverse-engineer each part from an original source has enabled WTMF to produce reproduction aircraft of unrivalled accuracy.  Aside from a handful of safety-related modifications (most notably the substitution of modern, more reliable modern engines), the aircraft remains a remarkably accurate recreation of the original Me 262.

The color plate at right depicts a two-place Me 262B-1a/U1 of KDO Welter.  This jet was specially equipped for night interception duties. Me 262B-1a/U1  Credit: Sundin

Our commitment to authenticity has resulted in the project receiving the formal approval of the Messerschmitt Foundation in Germany, and assignment of correct werknummern drawn from 1945 production sequences (501241 - 501245).


These aircraft can be finished in any number of configurations and paint schemes, according to the owners wishes.  As of October 23, 2001, the following aircraft were still available:

1 - Me 262 A-1c Single seat fighter (WNr 501245) Contract pending

1 - Me 262B-1 Trainer variant (WNr 501243)

1 - Me 262A/B-1c  Conversion model (WNr 501242) see Note 1

Note 1:  Aircraft 501242 is equipped with a specially-modified cockpit tub, and is capable of conversion in-the-field between single seat and two place configurations at the pleasure of the owner.

Note 2:  The Nachtjaeger antenna set depicted above is for illustration purposes only.  None of the new planes are presently configured to duplicate the appearance of a Me 262B-1a/U1 model aircraft.

 Click here to go to the Classic Fighter Industries web site.

For additional information, please visit our web site here on the Stormbirds server.  We have made every effort to respond to the most frequently asked questions on our site, and this serves as our only official media outlet for project information.

Specific configuration and pricing information is available upon request.  Legitimate business inquiries may be directed to Mr. Bob Hammer at our production facility; telephone (425) 290-7878.  We must insist that the use of this line be restricted to qualified individuals with bona fide queries.

A special thanks to Claes Sundin for his kind permission to use the color profiles on this page.


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