Help identify unknown Feldwebel of Jagdgeschwader 5
Rune Rautio has been trying to complete the captions on his collection of photographs. This pilot is the last one not yet identified!

Aircraft Inventory Listings for
10.(Z)/JG 5 and 13.(Z)/JG 5

Available aircraft inventory lists for these two Staffeln (or rather THIS Staffel since it was a renaming...) has been added to the pages.

I wrote this article some time ago, to have a reference regarding the map system used by the Luftwaffe for localization purposes. After a question was asked about it on 12 O'Clock High, I decided to publish it here. Enjoy!

Mystery Bf 109 equipment. Please help identify!
Following a request by Francis Marshall I have published this photograph, hoping that some of the readers might help identify the special equipment on this Bf 109?

New book on JG 5 to be published!
Eric Mombeek contacted me the other day and asked if I would "present" him and his new project on JG 5 on my pages. I am glad to do so, and welcome a new book on the "Eismeerjäger". The book is due to be published mid-2001.

Archive numbers for Luftwaffe documents in the BA/MA
How do I get my hands on additional records of the Luftwaffe. Follow this lead...

Archive numbers for loss data in the BA/MA
How do I get my hands on the original loss records of the Luftwaffe. Follow this lead...