Luftwaffe Loss Data online?
In the future, research data concerning the losses of the Luftwaffe might be available online. For researchers unfamiliar with the format of the loss lists of the Generalstab of the Generalquartiermeister Abteilung 6, I bring some examples from January 1943. This fully illustrates the complexity of researching losses of the Luftwaffe without a proper database as a tool!

I wrote this article some time ago, to have a reference regarding the map system used by the Luftwaffe for localization purposes. After a question was asked about it on 12 O'Clock High, I decided to publish it here. Enjoy!

British archives opened to the public
Some time ago, the archives containing decrypted German communication, so called High Grade Machine Decrypts, was declassified and released for public viewing. This is meant to be a short guide on how to locate files of interest in the Public Records Office at Kew. 

Luftwaffe loss data
This document contain a listing of the archive reference numbers for the original loss records recorded by the Generalstab of the Generalquartiermeisterabteilung 6. It also contain information on how to order copies of these files. 

Luftwaffe loss data from RLM 2 III 1170-1172
This document contain a transcript of the information in the above files.