Luftwaffe loss data online?

Signature found on most of the files. Major in Generalstab Zorn?

For a long time, my studies was based on published works from well known (not always well reputed) authors. But eventually, after being corrected in my quoting of data from published books several times, I found out it was time to "do" something about this lack of original unblemished data. I bought the loss data files from the Bundesarchiv in Germany. It cost me some hard earned money, and the kids go hungry this winter, but it was worth it! (Okay guys, it wasn't that expensive.....about US dollar 200 for the whole set) Unlimited access to the original files is great!

Being a novice, I sat down in front of the Microfiche reader and hoped for a neatly laid out day by day loss list unfolding in front of me. But the grim reality was, that the data are ordered by the date received and logged by the Generalstab. The result is, that a loss in a front unit, say JG 27 in Africa, may be reported weeks, months or even years after it actually happened. We northerners are lucky that Luftflotte 5 seems to have been one of the fastest regarding reporting losses and accidents. One of the other revelations was the concept of Berichtigungen and Ergänzungen. They are reported when received, in addition, most of them are handwritten into the original report concerning the loss.

To illustrate how the files look, I have transferred some of the first dates of January 1943 into Word documents. The files are laid out as close to the original layout possible, with the exception that I have used the Times New Roman font for most of the information. If You see strange characters in the vicinity of text with a line through it, this is corrections, so marked by the use of the MS Brush Script font.

What will the future bring
As it seems a lot of the questions posted on discussion boards like 12 O'Clock High Luftwaffe Discussion Board concerns this data, I would like to see it in electronic form. Most of it has been transferred to a database by John Beaman, and he is good enough to share with people asking questions to online forums like the one mentioned above. But it is difficult to get "the big picture" without access to a larger amount of the data than can be included in an answer to a well formulated question on the 'net. In the future I hope a database like his will be online and searchable......
Well, enough babble, here are the examples:

January 2. 1943Adobe Acrobat .pdf format January 9. 1943Adobe Acrobat .pdf format January 14. 1943Adobe Acrobat .pdf format