Understanding the work of the Me 262  Project's engineering team.


The Me 262 was a stunning design triumph, and the influence of the plane can still be seen in contemporary combat aircraft.  Swept wings, automatic slats, modular construction ... all were leading advances for the time.  More than any other aircraft of its day, the 262 was a fighter of absolutely unrivalled potential.

Still, despite this fortuitous blend of brilliance and chance, the Me 262 suffered from some well-known, and potentially catastrophic, weaknesses.  The engines, landing gear and brakes were all decidedly failure-prone, and these systems often caused the losses that the Allies could not.

One of the most overlooked aspects of the Me 262 Project lies in the extraordinary engineering and design work that has gone into integrating authenticity with safety.  In our desire to create a worthy duplication of the original aircraft, we have developed a number of ultra-low profile improvements which will greatly enhance operator and flight safety.  In the case of the J-85 replacing the Jumo 004, this is a rather overt matter; however, several other critical improvements have been quietly incorporated into the design to insure that these jets do not suffer the same fates as so many of their predecessors.

We have attempted to do this in a manner which reflects the natural evolution of the airframe, as opposed to simply adopting convenient solutions which could compromise our commitment to authenticity.


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