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An imagery analysis site specializing in late-war Luftwaffe subjects (1944-45)

The purpose of this site is to present rare or unpublished images of interest to the historical aviation research community.  Most are drawn from private collections or historical archives, and have never before appeared in print.

By nature, this site will continually be in a state of construction, and you may notice that some listed aircraft types are not yet represented.  As new images become available, we will post them here for comment and further study.

Throughout the site, you will be able to review captioning information by momentarily resting your mouse cursor over the desired image.  Place your cursor over the film negative graphic (above) for an example of this feature.  Tip: In order to view extended captions, you may find it helpful to keep your mouse moving over the image ever so slightly as you read.

Although this site is primarily administered by Gordon Permann and Chuck Petrie of Stormbirds, many people have contributed to the pages that follow.  We particularly wish to acknowledge the generosity and cooperation of Jim Sterling in allowing us to use selected images from his collection on these pages.  Click here to visit Jim's aviation site.

We welcome contributions from fellow researchers in this field.  If you would like to share images or information with other users of this site, please contact us with your remarks.

ADMINISTRATIVE NOTE:  This site has been slated for a major revision and expansion in the summer of 2003.  We appreciate your patience, and trust you will visit us again soon!



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