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Heinz Bar was born on the 25th of March, 1913 at Sommerfeld, near Leipzig. As a child, he took up gliding and became a qualified pilot for powered aircraft by the age of 17. In 1937 he joined the Luftwaffe and on September 25th, 1939 he scored his first aerial victory. During the Battle of Britain he flew Bf 109E's with JG 51. On July 2nd, 1941 he was promoted from Sergeant to Leutnant and awarded the Knight's Cross. He had scored 27 victories by then. On August 14th, now a Oberleutnant, was awarded the Oak leaves to the Knight's Cross, having achieved 33 more victories with JG 51 over the Eastern Front. Once he was shot down 50 kilometers over Soviet territory and despite a double fracture of the spine he managed to make it back to German territory.

After a long time in hospitals, he returned to combat. On February 16th, 1942, now a Hauptmann with 90 victories, was awarded the Swords to his Oak leaves. Shortly after that, he was promoted to major, and made Kommodore of JG 77, based in Sicily. During his time there, he suffered from ulcers and malaria. However, he managed to score a further 43 victories before being invalided back to Germany as a lowly Staffelkapitan with II./JG1. He was soon again in command of a unit though, leading JG 3 in Home Defense duties. In April 1944 he scored his 200th kill.

He flew the Me 262 for the first time at Wenzendorf in September 1944. In January 1945 he was posted to Lechfeld to command III./EJG 2. His flying ability was so great that the Messerschmitt company obtained his services to occasionally test fly the Me 262 for them. He helped trial both the R4M rocket and the Deichselschlepp winged-bomb in the last months of the war, in-between combat sorties! While his primary duty with III./EJG 2 was training pilots for the Me 262, he did fly many combat missions, claiming at least nine victories with this unit. The first was a P-51 on March 19th. He replaced Galland, who was injured, as the commander of JV 44. He scored several more victories with this unit, bringing his estimated total to 220.
He completed over 1000 missions and was shot down an incredible 18 times. In a tragic twist of fate, Heinz Bar died on April 28th, 1957 after his light aircraft crashed near Brunswick. He was 44 years old.

    Me262`s Piloted by Heinz Bar    




Heimatschutzer trials, Rechlin


Model photographs and other Bar material kindly donated by Brian Cauchi, Malta




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