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At first this section will contain an index of 262 operational units, with a little information on the role of each unit. It is the intention that, using such information, each unit will be given its own separate page. 

Here is then a list of units known to have used the Me 262. Units which trained on the 262, but did not become operational aren't listed here. Also, some units had different designations during their careers but weren't actually new separate units;

  • Erprobungskommando 262 (test unit at Lechfeld)
  • Kommando Nowotny (commanded by Major Walter Nowotny)
  • Kommando Schenk (Conversion unit for bomber pilots)
  • KG 51 (Kampfgeschwader 51 Staff unit, as well as Gruppen I and II)
  • Kommando Edelweis (Experimental unit usin KG 51 pilots)
  • Jagdgeschwader 7
  • Jagdgruppe 10 (Developed R4M rockets)
  • III./Erganzungsjagdgeschwader/JG 2 (Sturmvogel training at Lechfeld)
  • KG(J) 6 (Entered training, parts of III Gruppe became operational)
  • IV./Erganzungsjagdgeschwader/KG 51 (trained replacements for KG 51)
  • Kommando Stamp (Experimental Night Fighter unit defending Berlin)
  • I./KG(J)54 (Converted JU 88 unit)
  • Einsatz Kommando Braunegg (Reconnaissance unit)
  • Nahaufklarungsgruppe 6 (formed from the above)
  • 1/Versuchsverband Ob. d.l. (special experimental unit)
  • Jagdverband 44 (Galland's elite)
  • I./Erganzungsjagdgeschwader/KG(J) (Training unit)
  • II./Erganzungsjagdgeschwader/KG(J) (Training unit)

The aim of this section is to present a small service biography of each of the following pilots, coupled with details of their career on the Me262. Where possible, photographs of the pilots personal Me262, or ink and colour drawings of the same, have been used. Click on any of the following to access their respective page. Some of these pages are very photo-intensive, so please be patient. Ever wanted to fly the Me262 yourself? Sadly, impossible today, but to get an `Aces Eye` view of the Me262, visit Jamie Iversons `Jagdflieger For A Day` For an overview of confirmed kills accredited to the Aces for the Me262, click here.

1.     Major Walter Nowotny
2.     Oberstleutnant Heinz Bar
3.     Major Gerhard Barkhorn
4.     Hauptmann Herward Braunegg
5.     Leutnant Hermann Buchner
6.     Major Georg-Peter Eder
7.     Major Heinrich Ehrler
8.     Generalleutnant Adolf Galland
9.     Oberleutnant Hans Grunberg
10.   Hauptmann Heinz Gutmann
11.   Major Wilhelm Herget
12.   Major Erich Hohagen
13.    Hauptmann Walter Krupinski
14.    Oberst Gunther Lutzow
15.    Leutnant Karl Munz
16.    Major Johannes Naumann
17.    Leutnant Viktor Petermann
18.    Leutnant Rudolf Rademacher
19.    Major Gunther Rall
20.    Major Erich Rudorffer
21.    Oberleutnant Franz Shall
22.    Oberstleutnant Wolfgang Schenck
23.    Oberleutnant Walter Schuck
24.    Major Wolfgang Spate
25.    Major Gerhard Stamp
26.    Oberst Johannes Steinhoff
27.    Hauptmann Alfred Teumer
28.    Hauptmann Werner Thierfelder
29.    Oberleutnant Hans Waldmann
30.    Major Theodor Weissenberger
31.    Oberleutnant Kurt Welter




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