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Green 3   (Me 262A-1a Stab.1/JG7 Early 1945 flown by Hptm. Erich Mikat)

Color Plate Source: German Jet Aces of World War 2

"Green 3" of Stab.1/JG7 wears the standard red and blue tail band and the leaping greyhound shield on the nose. The nose area features a wavy camouflage pattern which is a bit different. This particular Me 262 was fitted with the 210mm WGr 21 air-to-air rockets. It is interesting to compare different artists interpretations of photos. Note the rudder, it could have been dark green or black or perhaps just turned slightly to reflect the light differently, hence the darker shade. (Sorry, I need to find my version of the above photo that doesn't have the tail cropped off, then the previous sentence will make more sense.) The blue nose cone is also a best guess. As I have said, you be the judge! I plan on building a model of this one. It will probably have a black tail and nose.

Below is some information provided by David E. Brown of Experten Decals on this aircraft.

* Code: Green 3 / Black chevron

* WNr.: 111994

* Pilot: Possibly Hptm. Erich Mikat, Geschwader Adjutant

* References: 1 photo: Ethell and Price, 1994, p.45, Jurleit, 1993, p.123; Held, 1988, p.158

* Comments: Rather unique camouflage. Markings are all quite visible, although surprisingly the colours of the JG 7 RVD band are reversed: red /blue instead of blue / red. The two WGr.21 rockets and launcher are plainly visible.

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