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White 8  (Me 262A-1a (Wk-Nr 110400) Achmer, Nov. 1944 flown by Major Walter Nowotny)

Color Plate Source: German Jet Aces of World War 2

This is one of the more "famous" schemes as it is that of the legendary Major Walter Nowotny, KdoFuhrer of Kommando Nowotny. The scheme consists of solid fuselage colors and sharply defined tail mottle which was characteristic on EKdo 262 aircraft. Also distinctive was the yellow cowling rings. Nowotny scored 258 victories on the Russian front. His one and only jet combat sortie on Nov. 8 1994 ended in disaster. As he approached the runway to land, he was jumped by USAAF Mustangs and crashed. There were no eyewitnesses and exactly what happened is not known.

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