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RLM Colours

Generic Colour

The Me 262 carried two standard camouflage patterns. The original scheme consisted of an upper surface pattern of RLM 74 Grey-Green and RLM 75 Grey-Violet with RLM 76 Light Blue on the undersurfaces, fuselage and tail fin sides. The sides were further mottled with a combination of RLM 70 Black Green , RLM 74 Grey-Green  and RLM 02 Grey. Please see the section on RLM Colours for more information.

Early Scheme

Late Scheme

Late in 1944 the late war colours were phased in and this scheme consisted of RLM 81 Brown-Violet  and RLM 82 Bright Green  on the upper surfaces, with undersurfaces, fuselage and tail fin sides in RLM 76 Light Blue . The sides were further mottled in RLM 81 and RLM 82. Some aircraft substituted RLM 83 Dark-Green  for the rather bright RLM 82.

It should be noted that the above are typical schemes. It is well known that the general break-down of supplies in late war Germany led to a wide variety of schemes and colors being used. Photographs are rare and black and white photos are always open to interpretation. Colour photos or actual paint chips are very rare and all but one surviving 262 has been repainted. Because of this, there is always a certain amount of speculation in any particular color scheme and I would urge you to study the available references and make your own judgments.




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