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This department of The Werknummer Resource Center concentrates upon the role and significance of the  production process in tracing Me 262 werknummern, and consists of three primary parts:  


Part I - Me 262 Production Block Analysis Summary (a summary and analysis by block of the data presented in Part II.) 


Part II - Me 262 Production Block Analysis with Individual Werk Nummern 


Part III - Me 262 Production Centers



Dan O'Connell, in his open letter to fellow researchers, has expressed eloquently our hopes, desires, and gratitude regarding The Werknummer Resource Center.  Many people have contributed to what you are about to read.  Much of the information has been in the public domain but, until now, never collected together in such an exhaustive and useful manner. 

I have known both Chuck and Dan for less than a year.  In Chuck, a young man with a career in the U.S. Army, I see a person of such selflessness that I am truly blessed to call him my friend.  His devotion to and his efforts to make it one of the most research oriented sites speak for themselves.  Like many of us, and as spokesperson for the CFII Me 262 Project in Everett, WA, he continues in his strong interest and support for the new-build Me 262's.  If it wasn't for Chuck, neither Dan's nor my efforts would be available to you now.  Literally, hundreds of his hours, at no pay, have been spent by him in the presentation of the data before you.

Dan's passion has been Me 262 werknummern, period.  We are forever in his debt for sharing literally a lifetime's worth of work with us.  I have enjoyed the many deep e-mail discussions with him as we delved into the myriad of details that make up these lists.

I should not neglect the contributions of Walt Morgan, as well as Chuck, as we all thrashed out the details over these past many months.  And, months it has been, as you all may be aware from the announcements made this past spring that the werknummern were coming.  We all wanted it "right," so the price was delay.  But, in the end, we are all the beneficiaries.

I look forward to your comments, hoping that these will allow us to expand on the knowledge base presented here. 


Richard T. Eger




In the pages that follow, you will find a comprehensive series of production tables which provide further insights into the manufacturing methods and production statistics for the Me 262.  We have constructed these tables as efficiently as possible; however, due to the large amount of information they contain, please allow extra time for them to load into your browser.



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